We Work For You

We have a very experienced, hardworking & professional guiding staff working for us. This area will most likely be different then other outfits you may have been to in a couple ways; There is a somewhat chain in command if you will, but, there will be a lot of responsibility put on the guides, wranglers and expediter to make things run smoothly for your hunt. Everyone has the necessary skills to take care of all situations. I am a hands-on guy who will be guiding also from time to time.

(I will always have the ability to communicate with everyone, but the area is big and I can't be everywhere with everyone)

We are all a team and all work together striving to build this outfit into the most sought after in Canada.

Lastly on team work… Your guides will work long hours and hunt hard. If you can lend a hand it’s always appreciated. Many of the guides will stay up late helping other guides with caping or cooking a meal after they arrive at midnight.

If there are any personality conflicts between guides or other hunters during your trip, they need to be addressed early on so that we can make things right. An open communication policy with me will help avoid problems and hard feelings and give me a chance to fix them before it’s to late. I cannot help you if I don’t know until it’s to late.
- Dustin