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About Grizzly Hunts

Mountain Grizzly in our area have almost no hunting pressure and are typically hunted as an add-on during fall hunts, in the spring of 2012 Cassiar Stone started their first spring hunts and had 100% success. This can be a great option if your fall schedule is full. Our boars range from 7-8.5 feet and colors can be found from dark to blonde and everything in between. They have exceptionally fine, thick fur due to some of the coldest winter temperatures in B.C. All our grizzly hunts are spot and stalk, in the fall we use horses or ATV in our front range, and in the spring we use snowmobiles or a atv depending on the snow level. Both hunts require moderate amounts of walking and lots of glassing, in the spring it may also be necessary to use snowshoes.

With the potential of a Grizzly Closure coming with a new BC Government in power, please contact us if you are interested in a Grizzly hunt. The current Government has suspended the "Trophy Grizzly Hunt" which now prohibits the export or keeping of "Trophy Parts" however it is still open for hunting. If you are interested in "MEAT HUNTING" please contact us. Hunt are still available for this.