Mountain Goat Hunts

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About Mountain Goat Hunts

Mountain goats in our region have huge bodies with most mature Billies tipping the scales at over 300 pounds. Our average Billie is 9 ¼“ and because the mountains where these monarchs live get snowed on in July and August these goats are known for their long hair, even on early hunts. Hunts are done either by horseback or backpack. They can be added onto early august sheep hunts, but we don’t target them as a primary animal until Late August/ Early September. Our Mountain Goat populations are lightly hunted to ensure a great opportunity for mature animals. We can offer 7 or 10 day hunts and make it as hard or easy as you like. We are NOT selling book goats. We are selling good representatives and a unforgettable experience. 2017 we ran 100% success and scouted out some great new areas with great goat populations.