Pre Hunt

Hunt info to help you prepare

Here is some information that will help prepare you for your upcoming trip.

Arrival and Departure will be from Whitehorse Yukon with daily flights from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and Europe. We will pick you up at the airport if you arrive on the scheduled day. Some client wish to arrive a day or two earlier incase their luggage doesn't arrive. This is a good idea if you can make it work. In this case we will pick you up at your hotel. Please advise us if you plan on doing this.

Once you have booked your flights please forward a copy to us via email: ( ) along with your hotel info if necessary. ( We Can help you with this if you like )

In most cases we will be dropping off other hunters and picking up new ones, you will most likely not be the only client on the hunt so please understand hunters are coming from different locations and flights will have some variances in arrival. We all would rather be in the mountains hunting but there are things that need to be done on hunter change days. We try and use our time the best we can but please be patient with all the things we need to do on these change over days.

Once we leave Whitehorse the drive is about 2 hours to Atlin BC. Depending on the time we arrive we will either fly into our starting destination or spend the night and fly in early the next morning.

From here you are hunting and in some cases you will be shuttled by Smaller plane into one of our many remote lakes or camps.

You will receive your hunting licenses and tags and some custom cape and horn tags- make sure you keep these with you at all times and don’t loose them. (Tags and License will need to be signed before valid. Don’t forget!)

If Harvest fees are required you will need to pay these BEFORE you go to camp. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (Certified Bank, or Cash only) In the past we have had issue with this and trusting some (what we thought) were solid guys. Sorry for the inconvenience.